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Changing children’s names by Deed Poll

If a child is aged under 16 years the Deed Poll name change process must be completed by their parent or legal guardian. The name change process for a child is the same as for that of an adult, although the child is not required to sign the Deed Poll name change document. You must […]

UK Government Official Name Change

Our name change documents are UK Government Officially accepted Deed Poll and Statutory Declarations. Deed Poll and Statutory Declaration documents downloaded from this website are officially and legally recognised evidence of your name change that can be used any time you need to confirm our identity. Your downloaded and authorised name change document, whether a […]

Apply for a name change by Deed Poll

If you are aged 16 years or older than you must complete the Deed Poll name change application yourself. Children aged under 16 years must have the Deed Poll change of name application completed by their parent or guardian. The cost of each Deed Poll name change document is £10.00. Your Deed Poll name change […]