Helping service personnel transition back to civilian life

Help for service personnel in their transition back to civilian life

At the end of the second world war in 1945 the British Armed Forces were in a state of transition from a wartime to a peacetime service. They had the task of de-mobilising tens of thousands soldiers back in to civilian life. The transition process involved little more than providing the soldier with their de-mob suit and a train ticket to their home town. With so many troops to de-mobilise and little understanding of the mental process this would entail for the individual, soldiers were simply sent on their way.

In the 21st century however, the cause of the British Soldier, and the traumas they often experience in front line duty for our country is of much greater concern for everyone involved. We now understand the transition process from a military to a civilian life can take some time and is different for every individual. Even those soldiers who have come back from front line duty un-injured can often suffer mental scars that take time to heal.

Help for Soldiers

One of the ways we help in this transition back to civilian life is by offering newly retired armed forces personnel a chance of employment. Hire a Hero is a charitable organisation dedicated to providing ex-service personnel help in finding a new job in the civilian world. A career in the military is a positive advantage when seeking employment in other industries, and Hire a Hero can help provide the support and resources for all ex-service personnel transition back to mufti and achieve more.

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