UK Business of the Week Online Coaching

In addition to the website links and social media posts you will receive during your 7 days as our UK Business of the Week you can also call on us for any one to one advice on how best to promote your business via Facebook and Twitter, blogs etc.

Not everyone understands how best to format a blog to gain the maximum search engine value from links, or maximise their social media impact.

For social media such as Twitter and Facebook this means posting more items of interest outside your core business message than sales pitches and links to your pages. Social media should actually be treated in the same way as television advertising. No one tunes in just to watch the advertisements; people tune in to view the entertainment, and happen to remain viewing during the advert breaks and therefore getting the advertiser’s message across. You should provide entertainment and information via your posts, interspersed with a smaller proportion of sales messages and links. Social media accounts with nothing but business pitches do not attract a big following. It is only once you have a big following that your business message could reach enough people anyway.

For blogs, the process is a little different. If you have a very successful blog, people will tune in and read your posts as their entertainment, in the same way they will follow your Twitter and Facebook posts, but inside every blog you can and should include links to your web pages from relevant passages of text in the blog. The fact that a blog is usually a longer text than social media posts means that the advertising message, and a relevant link that will give the receiving page an extra Google boost can be included in just about every blog entry without diluting too much the entertainment portion of the overall blog.

Additionally we can teach you how best to write links that will actually improve your overall search engine ranking. This is the very basis of successful SEO. The anchor text used for your inbound links is the single most important concept in SEO, and something most small businesses fail to use to their maximum advantage. A few minutes looking at the main products and services you offer can reap rewards from any new links your bring in, and will give your own blog posts a far more positive affect that they would have otherwise achieved.

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